Saturday, August 29, 2009


So today's goal was to do a 5hr ride with some good climbing. I linked up a good loop that I was stoked on. The plan was to ride from town over to the Lunch Loops and catch some trail. Andy's Loop to the famous Ribbon. The Ribbon would pop me out on Little Park RD where I could hit up the pavement for 1/2 mile to some dirt. Take the dirt to Enoch Lake, then up 16.5Rd to Turkey Flats-a sweet singletrack loop that starts at 9200ft. Finish that and take more dirt back to Glade Park, refuel, and come back down to civilization via the Monument. Well, it didn't quite work...

Andy's singletrack


Ribbon. A few miles of nose on the stem climbing. 15-20+% on slickrock.

Yup, still steaming even at 10am.

The view near the top.

A little road climbing

Dirt Road

Turned into narrow RIDICULOUSLY gravely road that climbed and had some steep pitches.

WTF...who owns this. The road is blocked by a ranch. Guess I'm done.

Went back and did some 'sploring. Found this little ORV road

Finally got high enough into the aspens. Nice and cool up here.

Road back to LPR, then over to Glade Park to refuel.

Yup, general store.

Took some pavement and dirt road back into the Monument.

Rode across the Monument, then came back down to town,

So, it didn't fully work out. I know that road goes through, but how I can do it, I am not sure. Still got a good ride in with some trail, dirt road, ORV trails, and even pavement. 5hrs and 7,000ft of climbing. Tomorrow wraps up a little 3 week 60+ hour training block. Body is feeling good and I'm excited to test my fitness again. Next weekend is our first race up in Wyoming. Short track and XC is on tap. Looking for the body to respond well and see what I need to work on.

Monday, August 17, 2009

And we're back...

Wow, haven't updated in a while. Let's see...been riding quite a bit. Knees seem to allow it for the most part. Did some good rides and trained through a bunch of races.

Had a good time at Big M racing with Robert and Bill before I popped.

Did the Lakeshore Relay as a last minute thing and had a good time. Guess I put in some past laps on the single.

Raced the Stony TT the next day and had another fun day on the bike.

Had a nice weekend of no racing. So I got a few long rides in.

Took a recovery week after an attempt at 4 weeks of getting my ass back into some sort of shape.

Guess it worked. Played my cards right and knocked out a top 10 finish at Ore to Shore.

Drove 21 hours to Denver from Marquette. Lots of rain and lightning on the drive.

Rode a bunch of trails and some good road climbs during the week. Even got in a fun and hard ride with Shawn and his buddies.

Drove to GJ, moved in, got some good rides in. Fruita 1-track on the 69er was smooth.

Shredded the Tab. Hit up the Ribbon trail. OUCH.

Rode my road bike for the first time in 3.5 months. Weird. Twitchy. I'll throw down on the Tuesday nighter and see what happens. My legs are trashed, but I might give them a brake in a few days. Haven't taken an off day in a while.

Looking forward to racing some mountain bikes in the mountains soon.

Yeah, the 29er is sweet out here. MC is building me some baller wheels up as well.