Sunday, August 31, 2008


"It rarely rains here, and never this hard."

We turned back at the strike of lightning. Nothing like spinning the 53x12 over at 130rpm to get back.

Monday, August 25, 2008


Google-Earthed some routes. Found dirt road that goes to the top of Grand Mesa. 4500ft->8500ft+. Took CX bike for adventure. 2 miles onto dirt road I hit a sign and gate. "Aghhh...but wait." Sign says raod only open to hikers, horses and bikes. Sweet. Go through opening and ride. Get rocky. Not too bad. Just a doubletrack type road all the way up. Cross a creek. Then really rocky. Hike-a-bie and decide to turn back. Looks like a sweet adventure for an epic ride someday. Road was more than I bargained for on a CX bike. MTB will be in store next time. Turned back and cruised around the vinyards and orchards in Palisade. Evening MTB ride was also in store.

Sunday, August 17, 2008

Other Side of the World

Left MI Monday afternoon and arrived in Conifer, CO at 8am. Stayed at Kevin and Danielle's until Friday. Did some MTBing and road riding before packing up and heading west.

Drove over the passes Friday morning. It was raining in the Front Range, but nothing in the Mts. It snowed later in the day and over 10K was white over the weekend.

Cloudy until coming out of the Eisenhower Tunnel and it was all blue skies.

Rode up onto the mesa on Friday. MTB's Tabaguache trails on Sat morning, Road ride to Fruita and around in the afternoon. Up and into the Monument today and around north of the city. Monument has great views but the camera was forgotten. Another time.

Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Another one down

Another week that is. After a good and hard final week, I am now on a little rest week. Should help bring the legs around. Tuesday ride at Pontiac was fun. Trail is getting a little gravley and loose, but my crow still hooked up.

Hit up the Poto on Saturday for a good time. That trail has seen the likes of mother nature lately. It sure was a good time though.

Took the cross bike out for a little excursion on Sunday. I think I hit every rock possible on the trail though.

T-1 week