Monday, August 25, 2008


Google-Earthed some routes. Found dirt road that goes to the top of Grand Mesa. 4500ft->8500ft+. Took CX bike for adventure. 2 miles onto dirt road I hit a sign and gate. "Aghhh...but wait." Sign says raod only open to hikers, horses and bikes. Sweet. Go through opening and ride. Get rocky. Not too bad. Just a doubletrack type road all the way up. Cross a creek. Then really rocky. Hike-a-bie and decide to turn back. Looks like a sweet adventure for an epic ride someday. Road was more than I bargained for on a CX bike. MTB will be in store next time. Turned back and cruised around the vinyards and orchards in Palisade. Evening MTB ride was also in store.

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