Sunday, August 31, 2008


"It rarely rains here, and never this hard."

We turned back at the strike of lightning. Nothing like spinning the 53x12 over at 130rpm to get back.


Cruise said...

I know how you feel, it rained every freaking day last week because of stupid hurricanes... every ride started and ended in rain... It makes descending even scarier..

btw, how close are you to the Olympic training center velodrome?

Brent said...

It's like 5hrs to Co. Springs from here. I'm probably going to be in Sol Vista racing the MTB that weekend.

Getting used to the trails there yet?

Cruise said...

honestly haven't been riding much mtn bike. Mainly prepping for track nationals..

The mtn trails are insane here, I've definitely improved my handling skills already with what little riding I've done. I can't wait to start riding all of the trails, our home XC for Nationals is ridiculous.