Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Spinning and Party

Today I rushed home from school, wrapped my dad's b-day presents(threw in a box and taped it shut), and jumped on the trainer. I rode for 54 minutes doing the climbing tape which involves muscle tension intervals, and steady state intervals of 10 minutes(2x) at a lower cadence. It felt great after my recovery day yesterday!!! I then did my 5 strtches and exercises for a better back and got ready to go.

It was my dad's b-day today, so I drove up to MSU with them to have dinner w/ my brother. We ate at Harrison Roadhouse in the middle of the MSU campus, then went back to his drom room to eat cake and meet some of his friends. On a side note, one more reason not to attend MSU...too many DAMN people. You can't get around, and it takes forever to drive since people are walking/riding all over the friggin place.

Monday, January 30, 2006

Skating and Recovery

Yeseterday I had to ref 4 ice hockey games,1 game linesman, and the other referee. It corresponded to about 6 hrs of skating which is great cross training for biking. By the end of the last game, I could really feel my quads burn from the skating and from the 83.5 miles on the bike the past 2 days. Today was a slow tiring day in which I did nothing at school, but got a little motivated at home. I did a little weights at school, and realized that my legs were totally fatigues. So, instead of riding the training, overtraining, and hurting my riding abilities, I took the day off-well, almost. I did do pilates for 1/2 hour and it felt good and rejuvinating.

I looked at my heart rate monitor chart and noticed that I have trained everyday for the past 32 days!!! My log is...
16-hourish trainer rides of Carmichael Training Systems DVDs
14-days of weight training-it has really helped
3-MTB rides(when the ground was frozen in early JAN)
5-Road rides
13-days of skating
11-sessions of pilates
2-days of running 2-2.5 miles each

SO, today is a recovery day and tommorrow will be a trainer ride before we go up to MSU and go to dinner for my dad's B-day. I also called Mesa State College(Grand Junction/Fruita, CO) to schedule a tour of the college while we are out there in April!!!

Saturday, January 28, 2006

Another GREAT JAN. Day

Well, it was in the low forties today and the sun peaked out for a few minutes. I took a road ride at ILRA and Kensington again today. My dad joined me for my ride, which was great, but I smoked him. The trainer and weights have really helped. I did three loops of the PUKE hills and flew up BIG PUKE with a minimum speed of 16.6!!! After 29 miles, I split off from my dad so I could lay down the hammer and get more miles in. I ended up with 43 miles for the day with an average of 18.6 which increased from 17.8 after the 29 miles. All in all, it was a great ride. I got home and made a paypal account which finally worked(I tried multiple times this morning w/ no luck), and sent my money to a guy in RI who is selling me his SINGLE SPEED!!!!!! The bike is a 2004 Bianchi SASS that I will build up with some of my spare parts and the rest of it will be what comes on it. I can't wait. The bike will probably be shipped Monday from a RI bike shop, and hopefully I will have it by next weekend!!! I can't friggen wait. After 700 miles on Bill's Bianchi CuSS last year, I will finally have my own to ride.

Friday, January 27, 2006

Gettin' In the Base Miles

Today I headed over to ILRA to do a road ride there and at Kensington. I ended up riding the road bike to Kensington and riding the road there, then turning around to do the hills again and back to ILRA. Then I road a little over two laps at ILRA and got in a total of 40.5 miles. I road 1.5 hrs in my zone two and the rest in zone 1, which made for a good sustained ride. I averaged 18.8mph and finished about the time the sun went down. I will be doing this ride again tommorrow but maybe more miles and a little slower since I will be riding with others. So far, I have 135 miles in this year...AND its JANUARY!!!

Thursday, January 26, 2006


So today after I got home from school, I ate, searched MTBR classifieds for a used SS, then went and roade the trainer. I rode an hour sprinting tape as an easy day, and later in the evining I did my core workout-PILATES. I registered for the WAM-300 today(www.wishmich.org) and am ready for the challenge. Looked at the weather and it is supposed to be 45 and sunny tommorrow, but I don't know how much I trust the weathermen in MI. Probably will do a 2 hr road ride at Kensington and ILRA tommorrow to get some fresh air and base miles. Here is my training log from the past 4 weeks-yes, I have trained in some sort every single day!!!!