Saturday, January 28, 2006

Another GREAT JAN. Day

Well, it was in the low forties today and the sun peaked out for a few minutes. I took a road ride at ILRA and Kensington again today. My dad joined me for my ride, which was great, but I smoked him. The trainer and weights have really helped. I did three loops of the PUKE hills and flew up BIG PUKE with a minimum speed of 16.6!!! After 29 miles, I split off from my dad so I could lay down the hammer and get more miles in. I ended up with 43 miles for the day with an average of 18.6 which increased from 17.8 after the 29 miles. All in all, it was a great ride. I got home and made a paypal account which finally worked(I tried multiple times this morning w/ no luck), and sent my money to a guy in RI who is selling me his SINGLE SPEED!!!!!! The bike is a 2004 Bianchi SASS that I will build up with some of my spare parts and the rest of it will be what comes on it. I can't wait. The bike will probably be shipped Monday from a RI bike shop, and hopefully I will have it by next weekend!!! I can't friggen wait. After 700 miles on Bill's Bianchi CuSS last year, I will finally have my own to ride.

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