Monday, January 30, 2006

Skating and Recovery

Yeseterday I had to ref 4 ice hockey games,1 game linesman, and the other referee. It corresponded to about 6 hrs of skating which is great cross training for biking. By the end of the last game, I could really feel my quads burn from the skating and from the 83.5 miles on the bike the past 2 days. Today was a slow tiring day in which I did nothing at school, but got a little motivated at home. I did a little weights at school, and realized that my legs were totally fatigues. So, instead of riding the training, overtraining, and hurting my riding abilities, I took the day off-well, almost. I did do pilates for 1/2 hour and it felt good and rejuvinating.

I looked at my heart rate monitor chart and noticed that I have trained everyday for the past 32 days!!! My log is...
16-hourish trainer rides of Carmichael Training Systems DVDs
14-days of weight training-it has really helped
3-MTB rides(when the ground was frozen in early JAN)
5-Road rides
13-days of skating
11-sessions of pilates
2-days of running 2-2.5 miles each

SO, today is a recovery day and tommorrow will be a trainer ride before we go up to MSU and go to dinner for my dad's B-day. I also called Mesa State College(Grand Junction/Fruita, CO) to schedule a tour of the college while we are out there in April!!!

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