Saturday, September 30, 2006

Another Good Week of Riding

After the Addison race, I took some good measures of recovery to be able to train hard this week. Monday I was planning on a 60 mile road ride through the parks and around my Milford/Wixom route. That was changed when the forecast called for 20-30mph winds. I decided instead to go ride the MTB. I went over to ILRA and rode three loops of blue/yellow and then came back home for a good 52 miles. For most of the ride, I had about 20psi in my tires just like at Addison. I guess my tires didn't seal to well and the Stan's sealant wasn't working well around the rim.

Tuesday was less wind, but a nice looking day out. I took a long route on the road bke over to Novi Tree Farm. I got in 39 miles on the road and put in some good efforts along the way. I jumped on the SS and did the 10 mile loop over at the Farm with a group at a nice social pace. The weather turned out great and no extra clothing was required at all.

I took Wednesday off as a recovery day and because of the rain that was coming down sparatically. At one time, I was cleaning all of the mud from Addison off of my bike when it started raining. I pulled it in the garage before the sky let loose and hail was coming down! I also decided to re-seal my rear tire and put fresh sealant in to try and fix my leaking problem. Later on in the evening I went off and reffed a hockey game. It was a good way to move the legs and get payed:-)

Thursday I came home and sealed my front tire up. It seemed like it was working, so I headed off to the Poto to ride. I ended up riding with Crispy, Bryan, and Amanda from the KONA Team. The trail was in the best shape I have seen it in a long time. There was even some guy who had raked all of the sand off to the side of the trail. Almost every sand pit or sandy climb had been raked until it was like concrete. Kudos to that guy, but why the hell would anyone do that-especially on 18 miles at the Poto. It turned out to be a fun ride with a few good efforts thrown in near the end. I could tell my downhill skills improved just by riding behind those guys!

Friday was my day off school, so I took a ride in the morning on the back roads. I rode out to Milford and around the dirt roads back and forth and to Charms Rd. in Wixom. I was planning on coming back the same way I came, but the cholride trucks were soaking the road around Kensington. In return, I decided to ride through D-Town Milford and over to the new Hubble Pond Park to ride the new 3.5 mile loop. For a new trail, it was great-and I figured out where to go without getting too lost. After a little single-track to keep myself motivated, I rode the road back home going around the GM proving grounds and then down the Kensington Rd. Hill beofre hitting the dirt roads bac home.

Was supposed to ride the Poto today; it's really wet and more rain is forecasted. That just means I have to get a good ride in before the baptism tommorrow.

Sunday, September 24, 2006

Addison Oaks XC Race Recap

The last of the CPS races is now over. The Addison Oaks XC was this morning held under slimy conditions, but better than anticipated. The past week was spent tapering for a few days and only putting in 145 miles. I rode the course this morning to check it out before the race and it was a little greasy in the corners. You just had to be careful in a few and slow down instead of blowing through them. I came out of the race clean-no crashes that is. I was pretty muddy from my pre-ride and the race. The course dried out and the mud was pushed off for the most part after 2 laps.

It started off with only me and Kyle Stange showing up to race. He is winning(now won) the CPS sereis, and is some good competition. I let him take the lead into the woods as I followed him for the first two laps. Lap 3 I took the lead on a stupid decision and then tried to give it back. On the beginning of lap 4, we were going slow through the grass trying to make the other lead. Finally he took the lead after one of the Elites(we had already passed) decided to not play our games and go by. I went for it on a climb and through some two-track, but it was too late in the two-track. I should have done it earlier-lessons learned. On the last gravely climb, I was leading and he stood up and flew around me before I could see it coming. He put a nice gap in and it wasn't too far from the end. Just some singletrack that was hard to make time up on. After going back and forth the whole race, he ended up sliding by me and winning by 17 seconds. It was a good strong race and I had fun. We both handed it to the other Expert calsses as the next closest time was 3.5 minutes later. I learned a lot as far as decisions and what I need to work on. I will focus on those as I train for the next races. Boyne Championships in 2 weeks and then Iceman in November.

Tuesday, September 19, 2006

FS: 2006 19" Giant XTC Carbon Fiber Bike

A friend has their bike up for sale. It is a 2006 19" Giant XTC Carbon Fiber bike only ridden since the beginning of the year. It is full stock setup and the info can be seen HERE. It is a light hardtail racing machine. If you are interested, leave a comment below and I will get you in touch with the owner.

Well, I got 2 up...I guess I should get a Wirless Card

Leelanau's Largest Cup of Cofee
Your's Truly at the top of Inspiration Point

Monday, September 18, 2006

A Weekend of Riding in Leelanau

What a fantastic weekend. We left early Friday morning ready to go north to Leelanau County. ONly 4.5hrs later, we arrived at our little motel a few miles from d-town Glen Arbor(can you say no night life). After indulging in a few bagels, we headed out to do part of the TDL race loop around Maple City, Empire, Glen Haven and Glen Arbor. I ended up hitting 2 of the KOM's and then a turnoff to Tower road to ride the 20% grade. All of the route was rideable in the big ring except for Tower Rd. It was a great ride with some awesome views of both Glen Lakes, the Sand Dunes, and cool small towns in-between. There were a few fun sweeping downhills that were easy to hit 45mph with some fun no-braking corners!

Saturday was race day in Leelanau County. I went out and watched the Tour de Leelanau at 4 different spots. First was about 25 miles in at Fredrickson Rd which had a good steep climb for 1/3 of a mile or so. From there it was over to Tower Rd. to watch the guys and gals climb the 20% grade. That was a good site to see struggling and progressing. Then it was off to M-22 and Carlson Rd where we saw the lead guy riding for Priority Health come by 3:00 ahead of everyone else. There was also a small group of 4 off the front a couple of minutes before the peleton came sweeping through the turn. Following that sighting, we drove a mile down the road to see them returning with 6 miles to go. There were no marshalls or cops, so the 10minute car threw me and another person an orange vest and had us stop traffic and guide the racers left. It was fun watching how the group really split up by then. It turned out to be a gorgeous day and a fun day of watching cycling. After the race we went into Leland's "fish-town" ad cruised around for a while before heading off to the Dunes to run around.

Sunday was the Leelanau Harvest Tour. All of the people we were with decided on the 67 miler. There is no way I can turn down a hundie, so I went off solo. It was another good scenic ride-some of which we dd a few days prior. At the 52.5 mile mark, I had an average of 21.5 and was feeling pretty good overall. From that stop at Lake Leelanau, the route headed up into Northport and rode by Lk. MI for a while. The wind really picked up there and was a steady 15-25mph the whole way back. At mile 83, I joined up with a group of 8, eventually splitting it up a few iles down the road. I took a few 10 minute pulls and helped the guys out in the wind. At the end of the ride, I had and average of 20.6 and feeling good. I ended up getting back just minutes after evryone else, so it all worked out. The CCCC put on a good route, only confusing me on the route a minimal amount of times. I was dissapointed that there was only 3500ish feet of climbing, but I guess the wind made up for it.

This week I am tapering for the Addison race after 4 good solid weeks of XC training. I went to PT for me knee after school, put on some new rubber on the Yeti along with grips, and took a 35 minute ride on the trainer while studying to make me smarter and flush the lactic acid out.

Blogger is being lame. I actually have some good pics to put up but it's not working for me. I will get them up tommorrow. I have one of the TDL here with this guy solo off the front.

Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Slip Slide and Away

This damn rain stuff is messing with me. As of right know, it is raining, lightning, and thundering like a bitch. Good thing I finished my ride 30 minutes ago. It was a nice sunny ride with some decent wind and dry streets. I even took the time to look at the trees between my intervals on the road and noticed that the leaves are already changing colors. It must be this annoying fall like weather destrying everything and its pattern. The road ride today was dry until the ride home where I turned around in the park and said, "Ah, no," when the first bolt of lightning struck. It was all downhill from there with torrential downpours and dark skies. Morelightning came to follow, but I got home in time to survive.

The training has been going well lately. After 13 days straight of riding, (yes, I had recovery rides in there) I took Monday off, then rode the TRAINER (ugh) yesterday for some quick power intervals to keep me in check. Tonight I start my winter job up again. I am off to ref hockey this evening for good money and great cross training for cycling.

I leave you with a picture to make this and the rest of the dreary days better.

Friday, September 08, 2006

Met the quota

After my 47 mile hill repeat ride today, I was able to meet my quita for the week. The ride put me over 211 miles and I should have more coming for tommorrow. This end of the season training for me has been going really well. It helps tremendously when the weather cooperates. I got in a recovery road ride on Wednesday out on the roads around here. Thursday I went out on a dirt road ride and did intervals and then went for a group ride on the SS out at Brighton Rec.

Today was a good hill repeat day out at Kensington. There was a US Ametuer Disc Golf tournament that I was able to scan as I road up Spring Hill by the tobaggon runs. Weather was great in the 80's like it should be, but it is looking down from here. Now comes the fall leave color changing, arm warmer wearing, night riding season. Should be a fun on as long as it stays free of the white stuff by November 4th!!!

Tommorrow I am off early at 7:30 t ride out to the South Lyon High School where I am supposed to lead a group of runners out for the Witch's Hat 10K run. I belted up the SS with a 44x18 which will be good for the dirt roads. If the rain holds off, I plan on riding a loop of ILRA before venturing home. If you've got nothing better to do on Sunday, come out to ILRA to help fix the trail.

Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Thank You Mr. Weatherman

I would like to first send a shout out to the Fox 2 weatherman who said it wasn't going to rain, and the doppler who showed no large grren areas in the vicinity of SE MI. Yep, I started my ride over to ILRA for a lap then out to Novi tree farm. What are the chances I am riding through Yellow and BAM! rain. It was raining although it was quite nice in the trails besides all of the puddles that haven't drained yet. So I decided to ride home after my lap and it just downpoured. The 5 miles home the rain never let up one bit. At one point it was raining so hard it was stinging pretty bad. Came home and pampered my bike with a wipedown, greasing and some oil. Got it all nice and purdy for its next adventure.

The holiday weekend was a good one for riding. I was able to get in about 35 miles on the SS out to Highland Rec and the trails out there on Thursday. Friday was a successful day of riding the eastside loop of Addison, Bald Mt, PCT, and Stony. It was a really nice ride-only if I knew my way around Bloomer would it be better. Saturday was a 30 some mile roadride over through the parks and back home before I hit up a double Poto on the SS Sunday. Poto was awesome-great condition and extremely fast no-brakes downhills. I finished the Labor Day weekend off with a Double PLRA on the SS with a little extra riding. It has been some good training getting ready for the end of the year races of Addison, Boyne, and Iceman.