Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Thank You Mr. Weatherman

I would like to first send a shout out to the Fox 2 weatherman who said it wasn't going to rain, and the weather.com doppler who showed no large grren areas in the vicinity of SE MI. Yep, I started my ride over to ILRA for a lap then out to Novi tree farm. What are the chances I am riding through Yellow and BAM! rain. It was raining although it was quite nice in the trails besides all of the puddles that haven't drained yet. So I decided to ride home after my lap and it just downpoured. The 5 miles home the rain never let up one bit. At one point it was raining so hard it was stinging pretty bad. Came home and pampered my bike with a wipedown, greasing and some oil. Got it all nice and purdy for its next adventure.

The holiday weekend was a good one for riding. I was able to get in about 35 miles on the SS out to Highland Rec and the trails out there on Thursday. Friday was a successful day of riding the eastside loop of Addison, Bald Mt, PCT, and Stony. It was a really nice ride-only if I knew my way around Bloomer would it be better. Saturday was a 30 some mile roadride over through the parks and back home before I hit up a double Poto on the SS Sunday. Poto was awesome-great condition and extremely fast no-brakes downhills. I finished the Labor Day weekend off with a Double PLRA on the SS with a little extra riding. It has been some good training getting ready for the end of the year races of Addison, Boyne, and Iceman.

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