Friday, September 08, 2006

Met the quota

After my 47 mile hill repeat ride today, I was able to meet my quita for the week. The ride put me over 211 miles and I should have more coming for tommorrow. This end of the season training for me has been going really well. It helps tremendously when the weather cooperates. I got in a recovery road ride on Wednesday out on the roads around here. Thursday I went out on a dirt road ride and did intervals and then went for a group ride on the SS out at Brighton Rec.

Today was a good hill repeat day out at Kensington. There was a US Ametuer Disc Golf tournament that I was able to scan as I road up Spring Hill by the tobaggon runs. Weather was great in the 80's like it should be, but it is looking down from here. Now comes the fall leave color changing, arm warmer wearing, night riding season. Should be a fun on as long as it stays free of the white stuff by November 4th!!!

Tommorrow I am off early at 7:30 t ride out to the South Lyon High School where I am supposed to lead a group of runners out for the Witch's Hat 10K run. I belted up the SS with a 44x18 which will be good for the dirt roads. If the rain holds off, I plan on riding a loop of ILRA before venturing home. If you've got nothing better to do on Sunday, come out to ILRA to help fix the trail.

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