Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Slip Slide and Away

This damn rain stuff is messing with me. As of right know, it is raining, lightning, and thundering like a bitch. Good thing I finished my ride 30 minutes ago. It was a nice sunny ride with some decent wind and dry streets. I even took the time to look at the trees between my intervals on the road and noticed that the leaves are already changing colors. It must be this annoying fall like weather destrying everything and its pattern. The road ride today was dry until the ride home where I turned around in the park and said, "Ah, no," when the first bolt of lightning struck. It was all downhill from there with torrential downpours and dark skies. Morelightning came to follow, but I got home in time to survive.

The training has been going well lately. After 13 days straight of riding, (yes, I had recovery rides in there) I took Monday off, then rode the TRAINER (ugh) yesterday for some quick power intervals to keep me in check. Tonight I start my winter job up again. I am off to ref hockey this evening for good money and great cross training for cycling.

I leave you with a picture to make this and the rest of the dreary days better.

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