Monday, March 14, 2011

Season is Underway

A week has passed since the start of the 2011 race season. I left on a Friday and drove through the red rock landscape of Utah over to St. George. Nestled in the southwest corner of the state, St George is a vibrant area for mountain biking. Justin and myself arrived to sun and 60 degree temperatures after being in the car the previous 4:45. Set up camp and chamoised up for the first ride of the year with pasty white skin exposed to the great yellow ball in the sky.

I don't know if it was the sun, the warmth, my excitement, or the previous training, but I felt great. My pre-ride felt so smooth and fast. Just awesome. Some food, campfire, and then it was hitting the sack in preparation for the first race of 2011.

Race day was another nice one. Mid 60's and sunny. I had a great warm-up and lined up front row. My goal was maybe a lofty one. I've been logging the hours, and I wanted to be top 5 and race from the front, not the back. Whistle goes off, clip in, pin it, and look left and right. Uh, where is everyone. Sure enough I got the whole shot. Once we were 6 minutes in and cruising up the first 8 minute climb, the selection of 6 was made.

4 laps of a 6 mile course later, I wound up coming across the line in 4th. Some great battles on the course, and some fun times. Alex Grant took the top step of the day. Went for another lap of the course for fun, then it was off to In N' Out Burger for the first double-double animal style of the year. A crankin' hot campfire topped off a stellar day.

Sunday, Justin and I drove over to Hurricane and rode the popular Gould's, JEM, Hurricane Rim loop. Some buff trails and good vibes finished the trip off nicely. A smooth drive back to Junction and the first race trip of the year was over.

I've been back in Junction trying to gain a little more fitness before Fontana next week. Should be a fun trip and a tough race. Looking forward to seeing where I stack up this year.