Sunday, September 24, 2006

Addison Oaks XC Race Recap

The last of the CPS races is now over. The Addison Oaks XC was this morning held under slimy conditions, but better than anticipated. The past week was spent tapering for a few days and only putting in 145 miles. I rode the course this morning to check it out before the race and it was a little greasy in the corners. You just had to be careful in a few and slow down instead of blowing through them. I came out of the race clean-no crashes that is. I was pretty muddy from my pre-ride and the race. The course dried out and the mud was pushed off for the most part after 2 laps.

It started off with only me and Kyle Stange showing up to race. He is winning(now won) the CPS sereis, and is some good competition. I let him take the lead into the woods as I followed him for the first two laps. Lap 3 I took the lead on a stupid decision and then tried to give it back. On the beginning of lap 4, we were going slow through the grass trying to make the other lead. Finally he took the lead after one of the Elites(we had already passed) decided to not play our games and go by. I went for it on a climb and through some two-track, but it was too late in the two-track. I should have done it earlier-lessons learned. On the last gravely climb, I was leading and he stood up and flew around me before I could see it coming. He put a nice gap in and it wasn't too far from the end. Just some singletrack that was hard to make time up on. After going back and forth the whole race, he ended up sliding by me and winning by 17 seconds. It was a good strong race and I had fun. We both handed it to the other Expert calsses as the next closest time was 3.5 minutes later. I learned a lot as far as decisions and what I need to work on. I will focus on those as I train for the next races. Boyne Championships in 2 weeks and then Iceman in November.

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