Saturday, September 30, 2006

Another Good Week of Riding

After the Addison race, I took some good measures of recovery to be able to train hard this week. Monday I was planning on a 60 mile road ride through the parks and around my Milford/Wixom route. That was changed when the forecast called for 20-30mph winds. I decided instead to go ride the MTB. I went over to ILRA and rode three loops of blue/yellow and then came back home for a good 52 miles. For most of the ride, I had about 20psi in my tires just like at Addison. I guess my tires didn't seal to well and the Stan's sealant wasn't working well around the rim.

Tuesday was less wind, but a nice looking day out. I took a long route on the road bke over to Novi Tree Farm. I got in 39 miles on the road and put in some good efforts along the way. I jumped on the SS and did the 10 mile loop over at the Farm with a group at a nice social pace. The weather turned out great and no extra clothing was required at all.

I took Wednesday off as a recovery day and because of the rain that was coming down sparatically. At one time, I was cleaning all of the mud from Addison off of my bike when it started raining. I pulled it in the garage before the sky let loose and hail was coming down! I also decided to re-seal my rear tire and put fresh sealant in to try and fix my leaking problem. Later on in the evening I went off and reffed a hockey game. It was a good way to move the legs and get payed:-)

Thursday I came home and sealed my front tire up. It seemed like it was working, so I headed off to the Poto to ride. I ended up riding with Crispy, Bryan, and Amanda from the KONA Team. The trail was in the best shape I have seen it in a long time. There was even some guy who had raked all of the sand off to the side of the trail. Almost every sand pit or sandy climb had been raked until it was like concrete. Kudos to that guy, but why the hell would anyone do that-especially on 18 miles at the Poto. It turned out to be a fun ride with a few good efforts thrown in near the end. I could tell my downhill skills improved just by riding behind those guys!

Friday was my day off school, so I took a ride in the morning on the back roads. I rode out to Milford and around the dirt roads back and forth and to Charms Rd. in Wixom. I was planning on coming back the same way I came, but the cholride trucks were soaking the road around Kensington. In return, I decided to ride through D-Town Milford and over to the new Hubble Pond Park to ride the new 3.5 mile loop. For a new trail, it was great-and I figured out where to go without getting too lost. After a little single-track to keep myself motivated, I rode the road back home going around the GM proving grounds and then down the Kensington Rd. Hill beofre hitting the dirt roads bac home.

Was supposed to ride the Poto today; it's really wet and more rain is forecasted. That just means I have to get a good ride in before the baptism tommorrow.

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