Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Spinning and Party

Today I rushed home from school, wrapped my dad's b-day presents(threw in a box and taped it shut), and jumped on the trainer. I rode for 54 minutes doing the climbing tape which involves muscle tension intervals, and steady state intervals of 10 minutes(2x) at a lower cadence. It felt great after my recovery day yesterday!!! I then did my 5 strtches and exercises for a better back and got ready to go.

It was my dad's b-day today, so I drove up to MSU with them to have dinner w/ my brother. We ate at Harrison Roadhouse in the middle of the MSU campus, then went back to his drom room to eat cake and meet some of his friends. On a side note, one more reason not to attend MSU...too many DAMN people. You can't get around, and it takes forever to drive since people are walking/riding all over the friggin place.

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