Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Slow days, but new BIKE

Friday as I was starting Pilates, the great UPS man came to my door with a large package. My SS came. So, stop the Pilates and go build the bike. I took all night to build up, swap parts around, and make sure everything was great on the SS.

Saturday I had to work at Lakeland Arena(Waterford) at 11:40 am, an 6:40-9:40pm. In between the games, I drove out to REI to get the races swapped between forkes for the SS. I drove through nasty rain and wintery mix. I came home for a few hours so I could finish the SS up and ride it in fresh 2 in. of snow on SUN. When I arrived at work at 6:10, there were wet roads and no snow. After work, 3 hours later, I saw 4 in. of heavy snow on the roads. The 35 min. drive took me 1hr 10 minutes going about 15-20 mph on Hickory Ridge where cars spun out and others couldn't make the hills.

Sunday, I was supposed to ride, but NO. 4 in. of wet snow on top of water, would make nasty trails. So, I did Pilates and back exercises then went to work to skate(cross-train!!!) for 1.5hrs. Later on, I went to Glen's for a Superbowl party.

Monday was a day for weights and riding. After 4-4.5 weeks of hard training and tons of riding, I took the previous days off for recovery. So, I did my squats, leg extentions, leg curls, lunges, then I rode the trainer with a climbing DVD to reinforce the muscle building.

Today, Tuesday, I decided to go to ILRA to ride the new SS. About 1/2 mile into the ride, I lost my chain. I belive it stretched out after messing with the sizing a few days earlier. So I rode the road back to the trailhead and put the bike away. The trails were great with powdery snow covering it and the bike felt awesome and smooth. I decided to go run for 40 min. on the yellow trail for some aerboic workout. I ran about 4.5 miles which felt great. Later on in the night, I did Pilates and more back exercises so I can be faster. Man I LOVE winter training.

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