Friday, January 26, 2007

Ain't No Biking Like Snow-Biking

Yup. That's right...except for climbing mountains out west in 80 degreee weather. Ahh, that would be nice! But on the other hand, it is winter and we have to deal with it. I am. I was able to get in a few rides on singletrack this week. It was the first time I rode a trail in over a month. ILRA was Monday after riding some dirt roads on the fixie. It turned out to be in great condition and was fast for a snow covered trail. Tuesday was a good long afternoon in the saddle riding from home out to Hickory Glen in Commerce Twp. The dirt roads and horse trails getting out there were in primo shape. The trail is tight and twisty, so it gave me some good leg work speeding up and slowing down the fixie. On the ride back, the temp had dropped into the low teens and the dirt roads had turned to ice. I tried to add in some more paved roads and undisclosed trails, but the last 5 miles home are all dirt. I stayed on the rubber the entire time, but it was not an easy task, considering there is no coasting!

Anyway, some fresh white stuff came down on Wednesday, so after class on Thursday I went to Kensington to do some x-country skiing. Trails had enough snow and the 2hour ski felt pretty good. Skiing definelty works some different muscles that are not encorporated as much in cycling. By the hour mark, I could surely feel my hip flexors up front. Luckily, I woke up this morning and felt good. So, I went out again today and did another ski after the gym workout. I was going to do another snow ride, but we got another 2 inches, so I went for a ski.

This weekend should be some bike time, but a ski is not ruled out. Probably a couple double workout days. Should be fun.

Since the 10-day shows more cold and snow, I think I am going to start posting warm weather biking pictures. It will give me something to look foreward to!

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