Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Please, Drive That H2

This weekend and into next week is going to hurt. Bitter cold temperatures are going to be in town. Thank you Canada. I was starting to beleive Al Gore's hype about global warming. Looks like the brave souls who are going to be riding outside this weekend are going to be racking up some WRCS points. I was thinking today as part of my body was a little chilled, that for next winter, I am going to invest in some better cold weather gear...and fenders. At least we still have a few days where I can get some more miles in outside before it gets real cold.

And to brighten everyone's spirit, here is a sunny picture!

Colorado National Monument, Grand Junction, CO-April 2006

If your looking for warm temps and have no way of heading south, put a call out to your neighbor with the Hummer or Escalade. Maybe it will become warmer. Time to go clear the driveway, I have put it off for riding the past week!

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