Monday, June 11, 2007

T-5 Days

The Lumberjack 100 is on the way. I am ready for it. I am looking to post a better time than last year, but I don't know by how much. I know I am a better rider this year both handling wise and fitness wise. The course should be different. Backwards. That first sand hill w/ 200 people should be a riot. Can you say redline first 5 minutes!

During my riding last week, I decided to do a couple longer rides to make sure my legs were ready and butt was in shape for some time in the saddle. Rode 5.5 hours on Thursday from home to ILRA, dirt roads, all 4 loops of Highland, and some of Proud Lake. Then on Saturday I rode home to 2 laps of ILRA, 2 loops of everything at Proud Lake and then a loop of Milford to finish a 5 hour and 75 mile day on the MTB. Add that with a touch of intensity and I should be good to go.

After the LJ100 I am going to be in Lelenau the next weekend for a family trip, but should be able to get in some good riding while I am there. The next week is Stony marathon, then I will be up at Boyne the following weekend with the fam racing, so I will likely chamois up and get some high intensity miles in the legs. Should be a good month coming up.


Brooks said...

16th - Nice Job!

Oh how I miss the Michigan races. I'm planning to do a race on August 19 here in FL. The race consists of 45 minutes of mountain bike race, followed by 35 miles of road race, and then back on the mtn bike for another lap of the mtn bike course! Should be fun!

Brent said...

Thanks. That is a different race. Is it roadies vs. MTB'ers? Sounds like a fun time. Hope you're enjoying your life in FL.