Saturday, September 22, 2007

Last Day of Summer; The Start of a New Season

Cross Season that is. Today I decided to jump head first into the cyclocross scene and give it a whirl at the KTR Double Cross in Davisburg. Since my CX bike is due in next week, I hopped on the dual suspension loaded with 2.0 tires and hit up the B race. Right off the line I was overtaken by skinny-tires accelerating down the asphalt and into the gravel road. Once we hit the grass, I started doing my thing. One after another I picked people off. The main group had 30 seconds on me after the first lap and even more after lap 2. I eventually caught stragglers and caught chase group number 3 on the 3rd of 5 laps. I rode with them changin postitions and keeping the pace high until the last lap when I moved into the middle of the 3 in our group. On a hard switchback/gravely/steep climb, I made my move and it stuck. Through the horse barn, down the hill, jump off the bike, up and over the 4 logs on the uphill, remount, and spinning again. Another few minutes and I rolled over the finish line with a solid 4th place. Not to bad for a squishy mountain bike.

I accomplished my goals today which was to have fun, race well, and not screw up any barriers and dismounts. Last week, I practiced getting on and off the bike a few times, but I never had any barrier practice and timing. I didn't do to shabby. I rode one pre-lap and did the barriers once before the race started. No screw-ups; all clean dismounts and re-mounts, and only one time I about lost the bike. As I jump off, I grab the front brake to slow the bike down and...uh-oh, the bike starts flipping over. A quick grab and I am in control again and back to the chase group. I guess that's why hydro-disc brakes aren't on CX bikes!!! It was a sweet course with everything thrown in from a trail in the woods, to gravel, grass, run-ups, barriers, off camber and a few steeps.

I had a great time and I think other would to. We should get some more MTBers out to the cross scene. It is super fun, great intensity training, not much running, and it is a great change up at the end of the season. I'll see you out at Bloomer next weekend playing with the A's hopefully on a skinny tire bike!

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