Sunday, November 11, 2007

Iceman Cometh

Well, its over. A long season just ended yesterday and I am very happy with it. I topped the season off with an 18th place out of 53 Pro finishers. I crossed the line in 1:40:12, 15 minutes faster than last year!!! Improvements.

Pre-rode the first 7 miles of the trail on Saturday before heading to the expo for packet pick-up. After a nice pasta dinner at the Brew Pub, it was a relaxing night in the hotel room.

Saturday morning came with temps in the mid 20's. I was out watching the fam start the race. Then a quick drive and hike over to Williamsburg Rd to watch them come through while endulging in some cold blueberry pancakes. Another short drive got us to the finish line, but late for my mom coming accross the line in 2:40. Switched vehicles and drove down to Kalkaska. Had to miss my dad and uncle finishing; they came in at a quick 2:16 and +:30.

Ay Kaskie, it was prep and warm-up. The first few miles of the trail provided some excitement for fast trails. After a long wait with call-ups, we were off.

Started about 3/4 back and picked people off left and right. Following moves, we dwindled the group down. For the most part, it was Randy, me, jeans man from Ohio, Dan Jansen, and Christian Tanguy. We were moving along pretty good riding in 11-15 place. Just past Williamsburg Rd, the jeans man cut infront of me and rubbed wheels. I tried to keep it straight, but ended up flying into the woods. A branchy bush stopped me, but after re-mounting, I was a long shot from the group. I was out in no mans land trying to find a groove. I kept looking back waiting for someone to catch me. Finally with 7 to go, a guy from PA and Joe Brzuchanski caught me. Yes! We rode together almost the rest of the way. With 2 miles to go, I had to get off on a climb to pull a stick out of my derailluer. I couldn't shift the stick out, so I had to get off on a climb. They pulled away, but I was trying to get back.

I bridged the gap up to Joe just before the last hill coming into Timber Ridge. With all the people cheering, I stood up and tried to gap Joe. He hung on at the beginning, but as I went up people were yelling at me to go and I was gapping him. Just as I am sitting down, the trail goes left and I look up to see more of the hill. Crap. I jump out of the saddle and finish it off. Was able to ride to the finish 5 seconds ahead of a fast Joe and 5 seconds behind the PA guy.

I was very happy with the result. The group I was with ended up passing Ross Schnell and placing 10-15. They were 1:37:30. Very fast race and awesome competition. Great way to end the season.
Photos from my so-pro photog should be up later in the week.

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