Friday, November 23, 2007

Iceman Pics

Going for the pass at Williamsburg Rd

Halfway up the climb gaining ground-this is the fastest guy I have ever seen in jeans/carharts
Simonster leading JHK before the finish
Looking for a charging Joe B
Just about done!
I took 7 days off the bike after the race to refresh the body both mentally and physically. I put in only 5.5 easy hours on the CX'er and SS this week. The past two days showed signs of winter with snow and wind chills in the teens today. Good winter clothing makes those rides very doable. Fenders help tremendously also. Time for some exlporation next week. I read in the paper Hamburg has 28 miles of gravel roads. Mmmm, gravel. Hamburg is a quick 6ish mile ride from home. If I find some good raods I can likely link them up to Pinckney and maybe the Lakelands trail to make a good loop. I usually venture East and sometimes North to Fenton, but this year that will change. A few more weeks of school then almost a month off to ride!



Hey Brent give me a call ! I could give you a tour of the area on the weekends this winter !


seven three four - two one six - three two eight seven

Brent said...

Cool, sounds like a plan. I'll give you a ring.