Monday, March 31, 2008

Pinning Numbers

This weekend turned out to be pretty good. I was able to get in some good riding and pin the numbers on for the first time this season. It was also my first road races ever. The Spring Training Series has started.

After a ride on Thursday that left me soaked in rain and cold feet, the temps dropped from mid 30s to low 30's and started the snow. By Friday morning, the snow was 4" deep. Luckily, the sun came out and temps hit 40. The snow melted and roads dried. Just in time for the Waterford Hills STS.

Saturday I left in the 25F temps to ride out to Waterford/Clarkston for the race. Got there 45min before the race which left ample time for registration for the B and pre-riding the 1.7 mile race car track. It was pretty cool. The goal for this race was to stay up front and keep the intensity high.

The race started well, but slow. On the long straightaway, I just road by everyone up to the front and pulled for a lap. That was how the day went. I wanted to ride hard, not is a race. It seemed like I was out front for most of the race, which I had no problem with. Nothing was sticking, but with 3 laps to go, a guy went off and had a huge gap. I was stuck on the outside, and couldn't react. With 2 to go, I went to the front and pulled him and his 20 second gap in. Then no one would come around, finally, someone did before the finish, and I jumped on his wheel. Going around the last corner, he's drilling it, standing up half the time, while I sit there and pedal. Then he goes for the sprint a ways out, I am now out of the saddle, but he is tired and stops. People go by and I'm boxed in. I coasted in and I guess ended up 13th which was a suprise. I thought almost all 41 went by me. The it was off rding back home. Finished up with 4:45 of ride time and 92 miles.

Sunday was even better, colder/cloudier, but racing was better. With a road race under my belt, and not riding to the race, I registered for the A and B race for some good training. With a lap in on the B race, a guy is off the front with a large gap. I go to the front and peg it, and reeled him in. I looked back and saw 2 guys on my wheel and the group was gone. From there 3 of us worked while the other finally fell off. Within 15min, we had lapped the main group. We each pulled a lap at a time and worked together very well. I pulled the last lap and lost in the sprint, but it was fun. We finished just as the main group crossed the line. One more lap and they would have been double-lapped.

Then came the A race. I was just going to sit in and ride. It was fun, moving around, up front and mid-pack. About mid-way through, there was a break with 6 guys in it that were moving well. I jumped at the opportunity and went for it. I bridged the gap, but as I caught up at te top of the hill, I was somehow now in 3rd of the break. The front guy pulled off and now I'm in 2nd. Crap. I was looking for a bit of recovery. I took my pull and the moved back. We went a few quick laps before it was brought back. It was a fun race. I ended with the main pack somewhere. Ended up with 50 miles and about 2.5hrs for the day.
If your comparing, notice the speed difference between B and A. The B race(or the break) was faster than the group in the A race. But, normal power is lower due to more drafting, unlike WH and Runway B races.

Too bad it rained later. I was headed out for a 2hr gravel grinder to figure out how to ride a mountain bike again. I am 4 days short of 5 months without riding it. I was not in the mood for another cold, rainy, ride. Next up, MTBing!


Hilton Meyer said...

Good result. You riding on the road to get some miles under the belt for MTB season?

mverona said...

What are you using to get your results. Lookin fancy.

Brent said...

CyclingPeaks WKO+.

Anonymous said...

dang, dude. nice wattage. now I know why you're racing elite. I just built my PT wheel and rode it. Got some work to do...
John V.

Shawn said...

Nice Job brent. Cool readouts too.