Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Come One, Come All- PILB 100

So racing is out of the way for a while and the trails and weather are looking great. That means that it is time for some nice long days in the saddle hitting up some fine MTB trails. This isn't the HIP, or the BOOBS 100, but the PILB 100. Yeah, the name is kind of lame, maybe Alex could help me out!

What-PILB 100- Poto, Island Lake, Brighton Rec trails

When-This Sunday, May 11, 2008 9:00 am

Where-Start from Island Lake Trailhead-Ride to Poto, then back to Brighton.

Why: Because it is FUN!

If you want to make the ride, but can't Sunday, I am up for Saturday as well. We can stop at ILRA and check out the Demo Day as well. The start time and location can change as well if needed.

Bring water, food, and some cash if you need food/water at some stores we pass. Minimal paved road. Mostly trail, some dirt road, and Lakelands Trail. Post up if you want to do a nice long ride.


Cruise said...

what about that unofficial road race thingy in Rose City on saturday. It's supposed to be really long with a lot of climbing.

If I'm not dead from that I might be willing to do the long mtn ride on sunday..

Brent said...

That road race sounds fun, especially the climbing part. Unless I can find a ride with someone, it's probably a no-go.

Cruise said...

Yeah, I'm thinking I might stay back and check out the demo day. So I'll probably be up for the ride on Sunday.

Brent said...

Send me an e-mail so we can work things out.

bsteinber at gmail dot com