Tuesday, July 29, 2008


Did the TT Sunday. Even though I had a bit of fatigue in the legs, I felt good. I was able to turn the cranks over well. It was fun to get back out there and have the adrenaline flowing. Took it a bit safe in spots, especially all 2-track corners. At this point, there is no need to hurt myself. Even though I finished 11th in a good field, I was happy about it. Only 1:24 down on Bill's winning time showed me that my form is coming back. I sure was happy about that.

Best thing about the races besides racing is the great atmosphere. The MTB scene is just so cool as everyone cheers eachother on and gets along. It's like a little family. Each year it seems to be everyone gets faster as we all push eachother to make ourselves better. Hanging out after the races sharing stories of this and that makes it even better. That's MI racing.

Just under 2 weeks and I'm outta here. 2-a-day Tuesdays have been in place for a few weeks. Today is no exception. Road this morning and Pontiac at 6. Haven't been there all year. Should be fun.

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Cruise said...

You seem to be coming back, you were pretty close to all of us in the TT.

You should come out to the velodrome sometime, it really helps out with the leg speed.

btw, you gonna make my party this weekend?