Monday, September 15, 2008

Another Adventure

Sol Vista was on tap for Friday. Located right next to Winter Park, we arrived to a nice rain and cold temps. A nice dinner and warm lodge was the name of the game for the night. Woke up in the morning to a frozen tent and waterbottle.

Noon was race time. A long climb to the top, some sweepy downhill followed by fireroad and 1-track. Then shoot down the mountain. 3-9mile laps was called. I felt decent, but seemed like I could not go downhill fast at all. It wasn't techy, just lots of turns. Finished up 15th overall, so not a bad result considering the people in the top 10.

Another night in a cold tent, then off to Breckenridge for some pain and suffering at 10,000ft. We arrivd to mid-50's and bright blue skies. A great day for cross. I lined up with a group around 40 in the 3 race. Had a decent start, but about 15-20 people ahead of me and a lot of 1-track. All dirt and some paved road climbs was the course. Bridged up to chase group 1 on lap 2. I was told a guy was off the front, but I decided to chill on the back of the group. Pace wasn't that fast, and another guy bridged up. We picked the pace up a bit, and on the next lap attacked on a road climb. I stuck to his wheel as the others dropped. Once we hit the woods and a little rise, I countered his move and had a large gap immediately. Another 1.5 laps and I rolled in 2nd with a minute gap over 3rd. Sure was a fun time.

Watched Conor and Kevin race the Open race at 3:10. Small field, but some fast guys. They held up well dispite spending some time with the ground. T. Brown rolled in 2nd place on his SS 69'er.

This was the first cross race of the season, and I was rolling a new tire setup. As tubies are expensive, I went another route. Ksyrium wheels with a Stan's NoTubes rimstrip. Some sealant in a Michelin Mud2 tire and I am set with a tubless setup. The course yesterday had a bit of rocks and roots, and flats were not uncommon. People were telling others to jack the pressure up. I rode about 40psi and had no problems. I felt the rim a few times, but I don't have a pinch flat problem with no tubes. Tires hooked up well and I never rolled a tire. I could definitely rail the corners faster than others, but that could have something to do with MTBing. So far with 1 race and a few nightly practice sessions, it works well.

Up next is some MTBing in Wyoming followed by some riding around here, then a few CX races in Frisco in 3 weeks. Can't wait for that. CX is so FUN! Oh yeah, I registered for Cross Nationals as well this morning. U23 and Collegiate. See you in December.

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Cruise said...

Colorado is evil, the weather is crazy!

I'll see you at cross nats, I'll be doing both races as well.