Friday, December 05, 2008

Everyone's Favorite Subject

Boy, am I in for a surprise. Seriously, highs in the low 20's and maybe not even hit 20F tomorrow. I rode in that crap all last year, and I will ride in it again, but come on...early December. I prefer the mid-50's here.

I am now done with all of my projects and tests, so all I have to do is sit on my ass, relax, ride my bike when I feel like it, and get down to DIA on Thursday. Sounds like the life to me. Haven't touched my MTB in two weeks. That is going to change tomorrow morning. High of 52F and sunny should make for a fun ride on the trails. I am thinking of riding the MTB a bit this week before I stick to the slushy roads back home. Fly out on Thursday and race u23 Saturday and Collegiate on Sunday morning. Watch the pros, then hit the road back home.

At least there is a positive in this...Mega WRCS points early on in the series!

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