Sunday, February 22, 2009

Cowabunga Baby!

What a week. Tour of Cali live streaming online, great weather outside, and lots of riding myself.

After last weeks road races, I stepped away from the skinny tires for a bit and brought out the mountain bike. The Tabeguache trails, which are about 4 miles from campus, are in prime condition right now. That lead me to do some long hours and lots of climbing on the MTB early in the week.

Well, my road bike in all her carbon glory looked lonely after riding the fat tires for a couple days. I guess I have to split time with them so they don't quit on me when they are most needed. Put in some decent time later in the week in some nice 40-50 degree and sunny weather.

Saturday I needed to get out of town. The trails in Fruita and Loma are still not rideable, so the next best option was for some red dirt goodness of Moab. A quick 1.5hr drive and I am there.

Started at 9 in the morning from the center of town. Did the world famous Slickrock trail first. Had it all to myself. Can't say that too often about that trail. Rode back down into Moab, grabbed more water, and rode north out of town to my next destination. Hit Gemini Bridges to Gold Bar. Went to the overlook, then hopped back down to Golden Spike and linked that to Poison Spider. Great ride. It had everything from sandy roads to sandstone and a mixture of both with techy spots to keep ya on your toes. From there is was a ride back into Moab, more water, then off to Amasa Back. I was only able to ride a bit of the trail as time was a factor and I did not want to play in the dark.

CLICK HERE FOR THE PHOTOS OF MOAB. It will take too long to load them with blogger.

It ended up being a great day of riding. 75 miles of riding in 7hrs with 10,154 ft of climbing. Grabbed some grub and back to home base.

Today was a day of fixing a flat on the road bike, then chamoising up for the last ride of a 6-day block. Cloudy today, which is unusual, but still mid-50's. Nice spin on the skinny tires to cap off a 28 hour week in the saddle.

Next up is some much needed rest and recovery, followed by the first collegiate road races on the weekend. That should be the start to my intensity this year.

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