Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Almost 4 weeks...

This is really pissing me off. My knee still hurts and nothing has been done about it. Got an MRI and it showed nothing. I am going to try to get into PT. That will probably take another week or so. I have a new bike, and I can't ride it. At least if I new what my problem was, I could do something about it and get it better. Right now it is all about waiting and waiting. Ice, ibuprofen, and rest has done nothing. It still hurts, similar to day 1. Walking, climbing stairs, riding, it all hurts. Maybe if I ever get back on a bike, I might have fitness by mid-December for cross nationals. I've been looking for positive thoughts, but they are hard to come by.

Since May 2nd, I have ridden three times. Once for a little spin in Fort Collins to see how it felt. Once before I left GJ just to get in one last MTB ride there, and then an hour last weekend on the 29er to see how it was feeling. I am now hoping it is just an alignment problem with the kneecap and I can do some exercises and maybe tape the shit out of it with some kinesio tape.

Hours for the month: 2.5


HankHill? said...

Have you tried the Pain Free thing? Gotta do it, remember a few years back when Anne Schwartz sucked. That was because she had two ruptured vertebrae, doctors said surgery she said no did what it said in the book and all healed. It takes time but works, it's better to take a year off then to suffer forever.

Brent said...

Ya man, I got it. Seems like a good book to have around for anytime I fuck myself up. See ya around soon.