Sunday, June 07, 2009

2009 Lumberjack Training Plan

Step 1: Take a month off the bike

Step 2: Start riding 17 days before 100 mile event

Step 3: Take it easy and only ride 3 days for 2.5 hours to let knee heal

Step 4: On the 4th day pretend you have been training and ride 8+ hours and cover 95 miles.

Step 5: Ride for next 2 weeks and show up for event fatigued.

Step 6: Suffer through race and love every minute of it.

Ya, so yesterday was good. Did the Milford Trail Challenge from home and met up with Jon Heft and Bernie Smith for some fun in the saddle. Hit up Highland, Proud Lake, Commerce, Island Lake, and the Milford Trail. Knee felt good and body was starting to feel great about 6 hours in. Some R&R is on tap to make sure everything is happy and the body is healed up.

Not sure on nutrition strategy for the race yet, but I fueled with 8 Kroger pop-tarts and a dairy queen blizzard. Felt energized and no upset stomach. Total cost: $4.80!

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