Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Finally in the swing of things

Yup, last week I was finally able to get back into a good riding rhythm again. Since the Lumbo, it was a few days of riding, then 4 days off for my wisdom teeth yanking, a few days of riding, then a quick trip to Baltimore. Now it feels good to be back in my normal routine that has been missing since the 1st of May.

Monday was my start to training again. By the end of the week, I had racked up 20 hours and lots of good times all on the fat tires. Hit up Boyne last weekend for the marathon race. Yup, trying to race myself into shape. Rode a hard lap on Friday, then did another good fun lap with Tim and Alan. Was able to get my new course knowledge down a bit and have fun shredding the 1-track.

The race on Saturday was fun. I rode most of lap 1 with Jaime, then rode the next 3 laps solo. Surprisingly, my body felt pretty good. Since it was over 3.5 hours, I made sure not to dig terribly deep and blow up since I have no top end. A last lap stop to fill up a leaking tire, and I was all good. Not many in the field, but I did manage to finish third behind Christian and the Simonster who were both killing it.

Next up is more bike riding, then Big M this weekend. Stony TT the next, a week off racing, then Ore to Shore before heading back to the land of thin air.

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