Monday, September 07, 2009

Back to Racing

The collegiate mountain bike season just kicked off this past weekend. 5 weekends of racing in a row, then a week off before a trip to Tahoe for Nats. Whats cool about our series-4 of the 5 weekends are in the mountains and all start above 8,500ft!

So this weekend was up in Laramie, Wyoming. Cool little event. Has s short track Saturday morning. In true fashion, I rolled in about last on the first lap. Made my way up to the lead group after that. It whittled down by the end, and there was only 4 of us on the last lap. Went for a pass at the top of the climb to move to the front, but was shut down. Not much passing after that, so I settled for 4th.

Super D was a little later. Never done one. Really, I just wanted to shred some sweet trails. I did a light jog to the bike and was last on. Passed some guys before the long DH started, and just had some fun while trying not to die.

XC was Sunday morning with a top notch field of guys. I hadn't ridden the course, but it was SWEET. A some climbing, then a long DH with some kickers, and a few longer climbs laced in there. Went down to a ravine, then had a climb all the way back to the start/finish. 4 loops of the 5.5 mile course. Was in a group of 5 after getting knocked over accidentally by Blake on lap 1, then moved up. By lap 2, I was third. Lap 3 I caught up to Trevor, and got a gap on him. Ended up catching up to Alders who was racing open, then we hit a nice DH stretch where my chain decided to wrap around my crank arm and twist up in the rear derailluer. Took me maybe 30 seconds to get it unraveled and back on. Just as it was almost on, Trevor came flying past me. I was able to get back in a rhythm and pass him on the last climb to get to the finish first.

Next weekend is off to Beaver Meadows, up in the middle of nowhere for a sweet race. Hopefully I'll have the 1x9 set up by then and my chain won't fly off.

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Cruise said...

dang man, looks like you're "month off" this summer is paying off haha

nice work winning with that field!