Tuesday, September 29, 2009

I Love Mountains

Winter Park this past weekend was fun. We stayed in a nice little condo instead of camping this weekend, considering it was snowy the whole week. Weather turned out to be great with mid-60's and sunny on Saturday and Sunday.

XC race was more of a fun ride in the woods for me. My legs were fried after a really hard week of training. I also broke my Superfly earlier in the week and was on my second ever ride on a Stumpjumper 29er. The race was relatively short, so it was not too painful. The DH was so freakin fun, especially on a 4" 29er full suspension. The climb was mainly a long dirt road, so it was kinda boring.

Sunday was the DH race, so I went out and explored the area for a good 3+ hours. It was a blast finding new trails. Super fun time. My legs hurt really bad, but I pushed through it to get to some rad downhills.

After drilling myself day after day and racing 4 weeks straight, I finally have a recovery week. I am glad for it. Our home race is this weekend, which will be fun, but I am not looking for any result.

Hoping my Superfly will be back in time for Nationals in Truckee, CA. It will be built back up @ 20.5 lbs for some raging. Hopefully with some killer fitness and a rocking 29er, there will be a good result.

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