Monday, January 25, 2010

Nada Mucho

Not too much going on here lately. School started last week and is going along just fine. Looks like I have a pretty good schedule for my last semester which should be nice. One class on Thursdays and nothing on Friday should make for a bit of traveling.

Been back on the bike for the last two weeks. Feels good to get back into a groove and pedaling again. No huge hours yet, we'll work up to that. The weather here has been fine with me, but has been below average a bit. Last year we were riding trails the first of February, but its not looking like it will be any time soon. Temps in the low 30's everyday doesn't do it for the trails. Word on the street was Moab was horrible in December and January. But I did hear today that Amasa Back might be good to ride. So, maybe I'll hit the dirt this weekend to learn how to ride on rocks again. Lately it has been spinning away on the pavement. Speaking of which, here is my training bike...

Besides that, it is all pretty chill here. First race will be in a few weeks down in Phoenix, AZ. Should be a good time to get in some miles in the sunshine and warm weather. It's a road race, so I might have to ride my road bike once beforehand. Especially considering it has seen two days of pedaling since the end of April. Whoops. A few weeks later is the first MTB race in St. George, UT. Should be a good time getting back into racing on the dirt and hitting all the other cool trails that weekend.

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Mike said...

Nice Ride! Thanks for the link ad. We posted your site as well. See you out there!