Friday, March 12, 2010

Spring Break

Well, this past week was spring break for us. The trails are still unrideable, and the weather is nothing to speak of. Friday morning I packed up the car and headed off to St. George, Utah for some mountain biking. We arrived to mid-60's and sun. It felt HOT! Got in a couple laps of the race course and got the mountain bike feeling back. We went back to the campsite and hung out all night around the campfire bull shitting all night. Good times were had.
Race day was Saturday at noon which is a great time for racing. Sun and warm temps were back for an enjoyable race. 35 pros lined up at the start which is the biggest field the Intermountain Cup series has seen in a long time. The competition was stiff as 4 Mona-Vie/Cannondale riders lined up with 3 Jamis riders, Burke Swindlehurst and other local pros. The race sorted out on the two 400ft climbs per lap. I battled back and forth with a couple guys for most of the race and ended up finishing a content 12th. I was happy with it for the first race of the year following a tough training week.

Saturday night was spend chilling around the fire again, then hit the sack as it rained on the tent all night. We got in a good 3hr ride Sunday hitting up some fun trails in Green Valley. We then headed out for some food at In 'N Out then off to a real campground.

It rained again Sunday night, which killed our chances of riding Gooseberry on Monday. The trail would have been good, but the back road to the trail was 8" of wet clay. We hit up Hurricane Rim to the Jem trail instead which was fun and had some nice views. Once again, it rained that night just as our campfire was dying down. We woke up Tuesday morning after constant rain to big wet snowflakes. Now mind you, St George is a desert and normally never sees rain and the average temperature is 68F this time of year. We packed up and drove 6 hours back home in mostly snow, then rain.

Wednesday was rainy here in GJ. My ride was very wet and not too enjoyable as my legs did not show up to ride. Thursday was finally sunny and 40F which felt nice. Got in a good long ride with lots of climbing. Now I will be going out for a few hours before heading down to Boulder for the weekend of racing crits. Today will be ride #4 on the road bike in a looooong time. Hopefully I can figure out how to handle it.

Coming up is a weekend of racing in Fort Collins, then our home races or Fontana Pro XCT, then an I-Cup race in Hurricane, races in the Springs, Sea Otter, Fruita MSC race, then the Fat Tire Fest. Gonna be a good spring!


Shawn said...

What races are you doing in Ft.C? I was thinking of heading there Sun. or to Pueblo.

I am tentatively planning on the Fruita MSC as well.

Brent said...

We have a couple of collegiate road races in FoCO net weekend. If the trails are dry up there, I might take the MTB to hit some trails.

The Fruita race should be cool. I'll do a few of the MSC races this year and maybe hit some Winter Park series as well.