Wednesday, January 12, 2011


I'm not getting anyone's hopes up here, but maybe I'll do a little better job of updating this blog over the next year. I've had a great and exciting 2010, so I'm hoping for the same in 2011. The 2010 riding was some of the best I have done. I did not have the best fitness or results last year, but I had a hell of a time traveling around racing and riding bikes.

Here is a quick recap of what had gone down in the 81501 the past year.

I took the summer to explore all the fun things one should do. I set my home base of Grand Junction, and spent the summer riding, hiking, floating the river, fly fishing, racing, and traveling. I go to Crested Butte twice to ride the most glorious trails ever made. Some awesome camping was had, along with a few killer rides and some river fishing. I was also able to head back to Michigan for a couple weeks to visit family, hit the Ore to Shore and have a little camping vacation in the UP. Ore to Shore was decent, but a flat tire ruined my hopes of a good ride. I still finished up 15th and had a good time seeing everyone. Copper Harbor the following week was good enough redemption.

I didn't do much fall racing. Did a fun 24 Hours of Moab team and then headed back to Iceman for the true end of the season. My chainring gouged on me and kept dropping my chain after mile 12, so I had a long ride/walk to the finish line. At least I was able to see everyone from the mitten and ring out the season at the afterparty.

Besides riding and having fun, I graduated from Mesa State College with a marketing degree this fall. I also started a job running a new bike shop here in Grand Junction, LTR Sports. It is going to be exciting watching it grow along with the exciting cycling scene in the valley. I will be riding for our local team, next year. If I'm not posting here, you'll see some of my posts on their website.

I also just bit the bullet and decided to stay in Grand Junction for a while. I bought a pretty cool little house the other day which should give my outdoor gear a place to stay when I'm in town. Yep, thats about it. This whole social media thing is booming, so follow me on FB or TW for more consistent updates over the next year!

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Shawn said...

Congrats on getting a job in GJ. Look forward to seeing you this summer.