Monday, October 31, 2011

Looking Forward

This time of year is usually about putting the final touches on the fitness for Iceman and looking forward to a nice offseason.  This year has a different twist.  In the end of August, I tore some ligament in my ankle while walking on a slackline during a thunderstorm.  While I continued to walk, my ankle had no range of motion which lead to more biomechanical problems on the bike.  I took it easy and decided to make my offseason a bit earlier this year.

With a couple months of healing time, my ankle finally has a much better range of motion and I am feeling almost normal on the bike again.  This past week I started riding more hours and more consistently day to day. It is really refreshing to ride without pains, and finally get that good "sore legs" feelings again.

So, while everyone is racing and partying in Traverse City this weekend, I'll be cruising around thinking about 2012.  At least the weather has been decent here.  Got in a nice 130k ride on the knobbies with some friends this weekend, and realized how awesome it is to ride and BS for hours with good people.

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