Monday, February 20, 2006

Come on SPRING!!!

Today was a high of 29 degrees which is great weather for winter. I decided to immediately jump on the bike and go for a back dirt road ride(which are very scare is SE MI) for 25 miles. I rode my dad's Litespeed Niota (my Tomac warranty replacement bike) to give it shot and see how it rides. His stem is way too high and the bike felt like it had a top tube too short for me. I rode about 12 miles which ended up being 45 minutes of the shitty potholed up roads. I gave up and decided to come home and do weights. I did three sets of lunges, leg extentions and leg curls. Later on I decided to do Pilates and keep my core strength up.

The weather is supposed to get into the high 30's and low 40's later this week, so I am looking at some road bike opportunities!!!

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