Thursday, February 09, 2006

Easy Day

Today I did 10 laps in the pool at school, then came home and did 30min of pilates. Pilates felt great today, which makes it easier, then I went on and did back exercises. My legs are a little sore from weights yeaterday, so I decided to stay off the trainer since this is my "recovery week" after 3-4 weeks of hard training. I did go to work and skated pretty hard to get a decent workout. I plan on riding the SS tommorrow for 2 hrs and then again on Saturday for 2-3hrs.

I get to sleep in tommorrow since I don't start school until 9:45, so I will probably get some rest since then do some simple weights or plyometrics. On Saturday morning I have to got take the ACT test which sucks, but I will be able to ride afterwards!!! I hate standardized tests. Hopefully I will remember my calculator this time!

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