Saturday, February 25, 2006

Well, Wednesday, I did another Road Ride at ILRA and Kensington, but my back was killing. I have done tons of core work and stretching, but my back still hurts. I plan on seeing the doc for a referral to the orthopedic guy or physical therapist next Wed. I came home and did leg weights and tons of stretching and Pilates.

Thursday I rode the sprinting tape since my legs were sore and I needed a little break. It was nothing special, just more training.

Friday I had the day off school for mid-winter break. Since it was in the upper 20's I decided to try the MTB trails at ILRA. The blue was good except for a few spots that the sun was on. I jumped off of blue about a mile in and rode a 2-track back to the park road. Then I rode the first part of yellow, but jumped off 2.5miles in since the sun was beaming and I couldn't stand all of the pizza cutters on the trail. It was weird conditions. Part of the trail was dry, a small portion was wet, and others were snow/ice covered. After the small trail ride, I rode the roads at the park for a while to get a decent 15 miles ride in. lAte ron in the night I had to go work, which was horrible. It was some of the worst Bantam AA hockey I have seen.

Saturday was a good training day. I did Pilates then a hard leg weight program. Later on I road the climbing tape while watching the Russia vs. Czech hockey game. It felt good, but I am sure my legs will hurt tommorrow when I go ride at Stoney in between my brothers MSU hockey games.

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