Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Marathon Trainer Ride

Last night I decided that I would ride the trainer for 3 hours today since I didn't have school and the weather sucked. Therefore, I woke up at 8:30 and ate some whole wheat pancakes. At 10:30 I hoped on the bike and started pedaling away. I rode the criterium dvd, then climbing, and lastly the sprinting workout. I felt great and was amazed at how well 3hrs on the trainer really feels. After my little jaunt of a workout I enjoyed a bit of Endurox. I cleaned off then endulged myself into a tuna sandwich and a few strawberries. Later in the night, my legs were starting to hurt and I am hoping that they feel good tommorrow so I can push weights.

I recived my new shoes in the mail today after my old ones had a buckle problem and were sent back in. My birthday is on Friday, so I hope the weather is good so I can do a road ride. With my b-day money, I am going to buy some EggbeaterTi pedals and also some Ti spindles to stiffen and lighten them up. They are going to be SWEET!!!

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