Sunday, March 12, 2006

Good Weather is HERE, Well at least for a few days

I have been riding the trainer for the past two weeks and I am starting to really get sick of it. I logged 7hrs on the trainer doing intervals last week and I have put in 3 hrs on the trainer this week. I got outside to ride when ot was around 44 on Wednesday and had a nice little ride with short intervals. I have also been working quite frequently since the hockey season is coming to an end.

Yesterday was awesome. It was supposed to be 55 degrees and I think it made it there. I was at the ILRA trailgead going out for a ride when I met up with my Ford teamates from last year. I rode 4 sets of hill loops at Kensington with them and a little more riding at ILRA. It was an awesome ride. I guess we rode like a bunch of MTBers like we are since we were just cruising on the flats, and then hammered to the top of hills. I got my highest heart rates getting chased up the hills since the ICEMAN. After the group dispersed, I decided to ride back home and ride with Arrivo until I had to turn off. My total mileage was 43 miles of some great hill climbing.

Today is supposed to be in the upper 50's and I will probably go ride once the ground sucks in all of the rain water. I am thinking of meeting up with a few people and maybe going to ride the GM loop to change it up a bit and get away from the normal ILRA/Kensington.

The weather looks like mid 60's and great for a road ride tommorrow. Unfortunately, I WILL get a cold since the DAMN Michigan weather is going from mid 60's to mid 30's over 24hrs. SWEET, more trainer time!!!

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