Sunday, March 12, 2006

Hines Drive is All Mine

I went out to ride with some friends today out at Hines Drive in Wayne County. I rode with them a while, and had a few hard efforts where I dropped them. I was riding with them when a guy flew by us, so I was pressured into passing him. BIG RING, DROP, and HAMMER. I flew by him easily, then kept on going until I saw a group of people that I waved to. The people turned out to be fellow Team Novara riders, Josh, Brian, and Paul. I stopped and talked to them a while with Danielle, then I went on again. I rode with Danielle another few miles out to Outer Drive until she told me to go since she was riding zone 3 for 3hrs. Again, I layed down the hammer and was going from 24-26mph all the way back to Haggerty road, where I caught the rest of the group who was a long ways ahead of me when I turned around. I was able to go so fast and pass people easily since the road was shut down for flooding. The flooding was less then an inch of water under the middlebelt bridge. The road was quite nice to have to myself without asshole drivers honking their horns or squealing their tires. After re-grouping, Kevin, El, Craig, and I went out to do the 5 mile hill and down Sheldon back to Hines.

I came out with 34 good miles of easy riding, hard intervals, and longer distance efforts. All in all it was a sweet ride. I will go ride again tommorrow and then have a day off on Tuesday when it might not even 30 degrees. Today was almost 70 and tommorrow will be the same. Spring is Coming(I HOPE).

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