Sunday, March 19, 2006

First Ride of the Year for the YETI

Finally, after a long 4 month wait of not riding my Yeti, I took it out for a ride. I was informed that the dirt roads were in good condition, so a back roads ride I went. The weather was low 40's but I sweated my ass off in tights. I knew I should have worn knee warmers. The bike felt great except that the cable housing for the remote-lockout is so friggin' long(Manitou is sending me a click-it lockout) that after I locked my fork out 3 times, it didn't unlock. So I rode 29 miles of loose gravel and some washboarded roads rigid. Not too bad since I road 700 miles on a SS rigided out last year. My cold felt better today, so I hope the riding won't hurt it. I also got in some Pilates work this morning and looked at the calender only to realize that I leave for Fruita in 3 Weeks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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