Monday, March 20, 2006

MI weather Sucks again

First day of Spring, and low 30 temperatures. This blows. I went out for a road ride today, but I didn't realize how cold it was until my cold-dtricken lungs were burning. I decided it would probably be better to go home and ride the trainer where it was warm and I could hopefully get over this damn cold. So, I rode a whoppin 8 miles outside, then rode for an hour later on inside on the trainer.

Looking ahead, I plan on riding the trainer tommorrow when it will be chilly again, then hitting the back roads again for another 2hrs or 30 miles on Wednesday. Thursday and Friday also look good in the low 40's, so a roadride could be possible. I should be getting a Click-It Remote Lockout and a crown lockout for my forks on Monday courtesy of Bobby at Manitou! Maybe now my fork will unlock.


Dan S said...

to bad you don't live close to me, well I lie in rochester now no more Novi, but if you did I would come get you to ride. hey wanna see the rest of my NC, Pisgah photos?

its so cold here I wanna go back.

Brent said...

I am sure we will be able to ride together sometime. RAe you guys going to be doing any ILRA?Kensington road rides then MTB rides like last year some of you did. I will definelty try to get out to ride Bloomer and Stoney. I am also looking at getting some Brighton Rec to Poto and maybe ILRA rides in on dirt roads, Lakelands trail and singletrack.

Dan S said...

yeah we'll be riding the pain train at ILRA. road and mountain!