Sunday, March 26, 2006

MTB and Road Ride Today

I got a call this morning for a ride out at Highland. I hurried up and rushed out the door to go. The trails were in really good condition with only a few soft spots and slick areas on a few backsides of hills. I was surprised at how well the trail was. The Yeti was screamin' fast and I flew through the A loop like it was nothing. I think I got a little stupid over winter since I was riding the downhills and technical sections faster than ever. It is a good thing, that means I will go faster until I crash bad and decide to start braking a little more. Riding singletrack, especially Highland felt soooooo damn good.

I went from Highland over to ILRA with my dad to go for a little road ride. The temperature dropped significantly since I wore knee warmer and an underarmor baselayer with a jeresy while MTBing. My clothing of choice for the road ride was tight, booties, jacket, fleece winter gloves, and a headband. I rode theFarm center hill, little puke, and big puke I rode 3 times. While riding back into ILRA my legs started to burn a little on the hills. All I did was push harder. I ended up with 10miles (A & B loop) on the MTB and 30 miles of some good riding and efforts on the road. Can't wait for tommorrow when it will be 50 degrees(hopefully).

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