Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Recovery Day

I trained hard this past week, so I am recovering harder today! I went to Physical therapy and the guy showed me a good exercise to strengthen the LOWER abs which support the lower back. Just doing the exercise the first time I could tell it was what I needed. I realized I couldn't even keep my lower back pressed against the ground when extending my legs out. Therefore, I need to strengthen the lowers and help out my back. I was excited that there was nothing wrong in my x-rays and that I can fix my problem. I saw a box from BROWN on the porch today and realized it was my new Specialized Body Geometry Gloves. They have a really nice BG padding to support the ulcer nerve so that your hands don't go numb. They are also extremely breathable which caught me by surprise. I can't wait to use them. They will be a definete go for 24 Hours of Boyne and Founders Lumberjack 100.

Tommorrow I am planning on running the mile at school for a fitnes test, and then coming home to ride. I think I will hit up a backroads ride from Buno->Old Plank->Garden Rd->Through Proud Lake->Glengary Rd->The Hick to ride some singletrack!!!!! The Yeti is going to see some more miles getting ready for Spring, Spring Break out West, and YANKEE SPRINGS TT.

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