Thursday, March 23, 2006

A Strange Backroad Ride

With the weather coaperating in the upper 30's, I decided to go for my dirt road ride that I had planned. I was going to ride out to Commerce and ride THE HICK, but I made a wrong turn. There were no road signs on Garden road which pretty much turns into two-track and goes through Proud Lake. I ended up on Burns Road which I had remembered from the map I looked at. So, I rode down Burns Road until I hit Commerce. I looked around and realized that I knew where I was. Som since I had no idea where Garden road went, I decided to take Burns road down to Cooley Lake to Beaumont Rd which goes through Highland Rec. I decided to hop off the bike and check out the D-Loop of Highland Rec to see how the trail was. Since it drains well, the trail was pretty good, just a few softer spots on the top 1 inch do to the overnight freezings. Once the temp stays above 32 at night, then it is ridable, so most likely next week when it might hit mid 50's!!!!! Total miles was 33 over an exact 2 hr ride time on the Yeti. I put in some good intervals and hard efforts between different streets and crossroads, or on long sections of hills. All in all, I felt great and my legs started to burn on the last few hills I hammered up. My heart rate was an average of 157 which is only 8-10 beats lower than race pace. Here is the map of my ride that I actually road.


Dan S said...

hey man I got a cool program for you. it measures the distance of your route and the elevation changes.

thats the link and a route I used to do when I lived in Novi.

Brent said...

Thanks for that link. The program is sweet. I will definetely use it on all of my future rides. Wish it included trails!!!