Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Back in the GREAT Fruita

Today we made the drive back from Moab to Fruita to do some technical singletrack riding. We went to the Colorado National Monument to ride the trails that we really didn't have time for last week. We rode around 8.5 miles of some rocky technical trail with some awesome views and nice ridges. It was quite the scenic and fun ride.
Here is my mom clearing some rocks early on in the trail.

Me navigating my way around some large rocks.

My dad riding his way around the singletrack.

Riding down the trail in a nice scenic trail.

After the ride, we went to downtown Grand Junction to puts around. While we were there, I was caught in a picture wearing street clothes around a bike.

We are going out for an early ride tommorrow morning at 18Rd., coming back to the hotel to clean up, then heading out to downtown Boulder to check out the city. We will be eating with relatives then driving the night and into Friday ending at a hotel near Yankee Springs. Pre-ride Yankee on Sat, clean the bikes, the race the geared and SS Sun and come back home! Not ready to leave yet:-(

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