Monday, April 24, 2006

To Michigan, Race, and Juicy!

The trip out west was just plain awesome. Bets MTBing I have done and I can't wait to go back again. We got back in MI about 7pm on Friday after driving through the night Thursday. We ended up in Middleville so we could get ready for the Yankee Springs Race. We pre-rode the 11 mile course on Saturday before chilling out for the day.

Race day was a great way to come back to Michigan. I go t to see all my race friends and meet up and talk with everyone again after the long winter. I was able to test my winter training skills out on the course, and I think it payed off. I rode my geared bike to a 3rd place out of 7 in Expert Men 15-19 with a time of 47:15. I was happy with my time, but a little more training and recovery I will be faster. I beat most of the people who had beat me last year. About half-way through the race it started raining. It felt good, but I had the chills afterwards even though I was in dry clothes. A few hours later and in a steady rain, I pulled the SS out for the second race of the day. I rode good, but braked more and took the downhills and technical stuff a little slower. I didn't want to injure myself since I have a busy schedule in the next weeks of...Custer camping/riding trip(Thurs), Custer Race, Training week, Custer training weekend, 24 Hours of Boyne, Hanson Hills, GRADUATION and party, the LUMBERJACK 100. That spells out why I didn't want to kill myself. I thought I was going soooo slow, but I pulled a time of 50:05. Not bad, but I know I could have done better. I came 11 out of 16 in all Men Elite/Expert SS.

Today was a recovery day for me. I went from a long day at school, out to REI!!! I ordered some stuff that I needed when I was out west. I put on my new AVID JUICY 7 hydrolic disc brakes. I installed, cut, and figured out how to get them going all by common sense...It works for now. I didn't even have to bleed them!


Dan S said...

Great Job at Yankee! if you move-up you know you got me! ;) see you at Custer!

Brent said...

Thanks, I guess all that hard work weight lifting, interval trainer rides, ice skating(job), and winter rides really payed off. Custer should be fun. I like XC much better than TT since you can gauge other people better and know where they are. That elite class is tough, maybe next year before I go to a 4yr college and get fat and slow!!! Only if my parents would let me go out west. The mesa state college cycling president was throwing his sales pitch at me trying to get me to go there when I was in Fruita. They were 4th at Nationals last year. That would be sweet to go there.